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Android tv box development process

Issuing time:2018-12-25 14:51

Android TV Box experienced the evolution from digital set-top boxes to Internet set-top boxes to smart set-top boxes. Its functions have also been upgraded from the initial digital signal conversion, high-definition video source playback to Internet video on demand, APP software application download, three-screen integration, human-machine interaction, etc. .

Connecting TVs and the Internet allows users to receive and interact with Internet video content on TVs, typically with Internet search, shopping, games, and other derivative functions. Most OTT set-top boxes currently carry Android.

Telecom and broadcast operators also began to try IPTV+OTT and DVB+OTT respectively like andriod tv box with DVB-T2, Android tv box with DVB-S2 , Android TV Box with DVB-C.

With the further development of the concept of the Internet of Things, the role of the TV Box has also gradually shifted from being a mere television signal player to one of the important entrances to the smart home. Therefore, in recent years, TV Box has received intense attention from many parties including Internet companies and telecom operators.

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