Zkmagic is a professional mini pc supplier and set top box manufacturer, committed to creating high-quality products for global customers.


We can bring you a diverse range of Mini PCs and TV Boxes that redefine convenience and multimedia experiences. Our Mini PCs combine power and portability, packing all the essential computing capabilities into a compact form. With robust processors, generous memory, and versatile connectivity options, our Mini PCs cater to professionals on the go and space-conscious users alike.




Enhance your entertainment with our TV Boxes, transforming your television into a smart hub. Stream your favorite content, access popular apps, and enjoy stunning visuals with ease. Our TV Boxes offer an immersive viewing experience, delivering high-resolution visuals and crystal-clear audio for an unparalleled entertainment journey.




Embrace the future of computing and entertainment with our Mini PCs and TV Boxes, designed to enrich your digital lifestyle.

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A manufacturer of mini computer solutions, committed to creating high-quality products for global customers.
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