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AMD 4000 "G" series with Integrated Graphics

AMD 4000 G series with Integrated Graphics 1

Processors have been noticeably more powerful than their lntel equivalents recently and AMD's marketing materialssuggest this trend continues,though they do rather sneakily compare against sth generation Intel processors and not thelatest 10th aeneration.

A Ryzen 3 4300G looks to be broadly equivalent to an i3-91o0 in single-threaded and an i5-9500 in multi-threaded operationARyzen 5 4600G could b considered to be like an i5-950o (single) and i7-970o(mult).The Ryzen 7 4700G measures fasterthan the i7-9700 however many cores are tested.

Graphic benchmarks are similarly impressive, with a Ryzen 74700G generating double or greater frame rates in populargames than ani7-9700.This is despite having fewer GPU cores than the previous generation Ryzen "G"- 6,7 and 8 coresacross the range instead of the previous 8 and 1. f you are in the market in a few weeks for the best integrated graphicspossible in a Mini-lTX machine without a graphics card – the Ryzen 7 4700G will be your CPU of choice.

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AMD 4000 "G" series with Integrated Graphics 1
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