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Schools and educational institutions face many problems in the deployment of computer rooms. On the one hand, the budget is tight, and it is difficult to find cost-effective computers with limited funds. On the other hand, they have to spend a lot of time and cost to deal with a lot of management and maintenance work.

But now we have the ZKMAGIC zero client solution. It not only solves the budget and maintenance problems, but also brings the rich benefits of multimedia intelligent classroom functions.

The ZKMAGIC thin client solution allows multiple users to share desktops and resources on one PC. Users work independently but share all applications and files on the shared PC.


1. Replace traditional PC with ZKMAGIC thin client to save cost.

2. The management software realizes interactive teaching through the function of remote control and monitoring screen

3. Greatly avoid failures, thin client hardware is simpler, without moving components and complex circuits. If one terminal fails, the other can be replaced immediately, without the need to reconfigure the system.

4. The host computer can upgrade all terminals with one key, no need to upgrade the firmware one by one

5. Provide high-resolution video playback for multiple users at the same time

How to deply?

Suppose you have 40 students in one room,you will need

1. 40 thin clients

2. 1 server (Host computer)

3. 41 monitors / keyboards & Mouses

4. Switch and cables

Step 1

  • Get the full set of equipment ready
  • 1 Monitor + 1Keybaord & Mouse +1 Zero client for each seat
  • 1 Monitor + 1Keybaord & Mouse +1 Server for the administrator

Step 2

Connect network, make all Zero clients and Server in a same network segment (Switch)

Step 3

Install management software on the server. Open the software, you can find 40 Zero clients IP. Through the software functions, server can start 40 Zero clients with one key, then all Zero clients will boot and access to desktop OS automatically.





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