Zkmagic is a professional mini pc supplier and set top box manufacturer, committed to creating high-quality products for global customers.

Self-service Terminals

Self-service Terminals 1

In this era, almost anything with a screen can display anything we want. At ZKMAGIC, we can provide POS signage solutions for any of your needs, whether it is a checkout solution or an instant digital signage update to the self-service terminal. ZKMAGIC’s ready-to-use mini PC terminal allows you to easily customize your business methods.

1. Bank

2. Retail

3. Hospitality

4. Subway control system

5. Transport

6. Government

7. Logistics

8. Manufacturing

9. Education and Library










  • Low power consumption Industrial-grade anti-shock and anti-interference
  • Highly integrated
  • Can operate in various harsh environments
  • Rich I / O
  • safe data transmission
  • Remote monitoring and intelligent control
  • Rugged design
  • Industrial grade

Digital signage
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A manufacturer of mini computer solutions, committed to creating high-quality products for global customers.
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